Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

* denotes alphabetical/equal authorship; # denotes student co-author

Wrabel, S.L., Saultz, A., Polikoff, M.S., McEachin, A., & Duque, M. (2018). The politics of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act Waivers. Educational Policy, 32(1), 117-140. [Link to pre-publication version]

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Adams, E. L., Carrier, S. J., Minogue, J., Porter, S. R., McEachin, A., Walkowiak, T. A., & Zulli, R. A. (2017).The development and validation of the Instructional Practices Log in Science (IPL-S): A measure of K-5 science instruction. International Journal of Science Education, 39(3), 335-357.

*Ahn, J., & McEachin, A. (2017). Student enrollment patterns and achievement in Ohio's online charter schoolsEducational Researcher, 46(1), 44-57.

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*Welsh, R., Duque, M., McEachin, A. (2016).School choice, student mobility and school quality: Evidence from post-Katrina New Orleans. Education Finance and Policy,  11(2), 150-176[Link to pre-publication version]. This paper was previously circulated as "Fair or foul? Student mobility, charter schools, and student  subgroups in post-Katrina New Orleans".

*Domina, T., McEachin, A.,  Penner, A., & Penner, E., (2015). Aiming high and falling short: California’s 8th grade algebra-for-all effort.  Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 37(3), 275-295. [Link to pre-publication version]

*Lankford, H., Loeb, S., McEachin, A., Miller, L.C., & Wyckoff, J. (2014). Who enters teaching? Encouraging evidence that the status of teaching is improvingEducational Researcher, 43(9). 444-453. [Link to pre-publication version]

Strunk, K., & McEachin, A. (2014). More than sanctions: California’s use of intensive technical assistance in a high-stakes accountability context to close achievement gaps. Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 36(3), 281-306. [Link to pre-publication version]

Strunk, K., McEachin, A., & Westover, T. (2014). Does intensive district-level technical assistance improve student achievement? An evaluation of California's District Assistance and Intervention Teams. Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 33(3), 719-751. [Link to pre-publication version]

Polikoff, M.S., McEachin, A., Wrabel, S.L., & Duque, M. (2014). Waive of the future: School accountability in the waiver era.  Educational Researcher, 43(1), 45-54[Link to pre-publication version]

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Strunk, K.O., & McEachin, A. (2011). Do teachers' union contracts restrict districts' abilities to meet accountability goals? The relationship between teachers' union contracts and district performance under the No Child Left Behind Act. American Educational Research Journal, 48(4), 871-903. [Link to publication]

Peer-Reviewed Reports

Augustine, C.H., McCombs, J.S., Pane, J.F., Schwartz, H.L., Schweig, J., McEachin, A., & Siler-Evans, K. (2016). Learning from summer: Effects of voluntary summer learning programs on low-income urban youth. Santa Monica, CA: RAND Corporation. 

Working Papers

Papers Under Review

*Barrett, N., McEachin, A., Mills, J., & Valant, J. Disparities in student discipline by race and family income. Revisions Requested.

*Carlson, D., Cowen, J., McEachin, A., & Lenard, M. Neighborhoods, schools and academic inequality. Revisions Requested.

*Carlson, D., Cowen, J.M., McEachin, A., Lenard, M., & Bell, E. Socioeconomic-based School assignment policy and racial segregation levels: Evidence from the Wake County Public School System. Revisions Submitted.

Domina, T., McEachin, A., Hanselman, P.,  Agarwal, P., Hwang, N., & Lewis, R. Beyond tracking and detracking: The dimensions of organizational differentiation in schoolsRevisions Requested.

*Fuller, S.C., Horvath, J., Lauen, D., & McEachin, A. Charter High School Impacts on Stayers and Entrants.

*,# Kho, A., McEachin, A.,  & Zimmer, R. An Examination of the performance levels of students served by charter schools.

McEachin, A., Domina, T., & Penner, A. Understanding the effects of middle school algebra: A regression discontinuity approach.

Walkowiak, T. A., Adams, E. A., Porter, S., Lee, C. W., & McEachin, A. The development and validation of the IPL-M: An instructional log to measure mathematics. 

Papers in Progress

Atteberry, A.,& McEachin, A. School's out: The role of summers in understanding achievement disparities. 

Atteberry, A., Wedow, R., Cook, N.J., & McEachin, A. Lost in transition: Quasi-experimental approaches to estimating the impact of structural school transitions on student learning trajectories.

Book Chapters

Atteberry, A., & McEachin, A. (2016). School's Out: Summer Learning Loss across Grade Levels and School Contexts in the U.S. Today.  In Alexander, K., Pitcock, S., & Boulay, M. (eds.), The Summer Slide: What We Know and Can Do About Summer Learning Loss. New York, NY: Teachers College Press.

McEachin, A., McCombs, J., & Augustine, C. (2016). What Constitutes an Effective Summer Learning Program? In Alexander, K., Pitcock, S., & Boulay, M. (eds.), The Summer Slide: What We Know and Can Do About Summer Learning Loss. New York, NY: Teachers College Press.

Fusarelli, L., Saultz, A., & McEachin, A. (2016). A Growing Trend: The Cases of Home schooling in North Carolina & Ohio. In Cooper, B.S., Speilhagen, F.R., & Ricci, C. (eds.), Homeschooling in New View. Charlotte, NC: IAP.

McEachin, A., & Atteberry, A. (2016). An Endless Summer: The Role of Summer Learning Loss in School Accountability Policies. In Gottfried, M., & Conchas, G. (eds.), When School Policies Backfire: How Well-Intended Measures Can Harm Our Most Vulnerable Students.  Cambridge, MA: Harvard Education Press.

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Other Publications

McEachin, A. (2014). Is the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) an appropriate outcome for the study of middle school algebra.

Polikoff, M.S., McEachin, A., Wrabel, S., & Duque, M. (2014). Fix the Waivers Before It's Too Late. Education Weekly, 33(36).  

Polikof, M.S., McEachin, A., Wrabel, S., & Duque, M. (2014). Grading the No Child Left Behind waivers. Washington, D.C.: American Enterprise Institute

Polikoff, M.S., & McEachin, A. (2013). Fixing the Academic Performance Index. Policy Analysis for California Education Policy Brief.

Bridges, M., Fuller, B., McEachin, A., Pelayo, I., & Finklestein, N. (2010).  Decentralizing resources in Los Angeles high schools—California's Quality Education Investment Act.  Policy Analysis for California Education Working Paper.